Our mentoring program aims to help you to attain professional excellence in your career path through interactive learning, review practical case studies, role playing, one-to-one mentoring and coaching, multiple workshops and lot more.

scrumDevelop deep understanding of Scrum theory, practices, rules, and values. This mentoring program provides a structured guide to help you understand the role of the Scrum Master with real time case studies. This program will enable you to kickstart your career as a Scrum Master.

The learning path is organized with learning of core professional Scrum competencies with practical simulations for hands on learning. Attending scrum certification merely provides basic information about the role of Scrum Master which is not enough to operate effectively as a Scrum Master.


A very extensive 4 months program to develop product management expertise to lead organisational growth by endorsing customer centricity, business feasibility, innovation and creativity.

The program is designed to develop core product management skills required to materialise ideas into growth opportunities within startups as well as corporate organizations. During this program you will work with industry experts to design product strategies for the real-world, launch viable and market-tested innovated ideas, and drive growth.

This program will prepare you for real-life challenges in the role of a product owner.

agile coachA very thorough and comprehensive program designed not only to teach you concepts but also to prepare you to operate in the role successfully. Explore a unique opportunity to develop a different style of coaching skills and be a leader.

You will learn how to build your own coaches toolkit which you can implement in your roles and use for mentoring and building high-performance agile teams.

enterprise agile transformation consultantThis mentoring program is focused on helping you build enterprise coaching skills and expertise, and prepare you to take up real-world challenges. Agile Transformation Consultants utilize special skills of coaching, communication, and engagement, expert knowledge, and leadership to help clients achieve their growth goals.

This is a unique program which develops skills based on years of research and professional consulting experience. We will help you to become a confident agile professional who can lead transition in different kind of environments. You will not only get trained and mentored but will also actively participate in exploration and research to develop core competencies required as an enterprise coach and consultant.