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Organisations must adapt new ways of working to stay relevant and achieve strategic business growth objectives. We strongly believe that every organisation have specific needs, we will partner with you to assess your current challenges and suggest / customise right training programs for your leadership, management and teams within business and IT.

Our training team consist of professionally qualified highly experienced agile practitioners, with years of hands on experience across multiple industries. We focus on real-life scenarios, and run interactive and accredited agile workshops and Agile trainings accredited by leading Agile accreditation bodies.

agile leadership
agile leadership

Specially customised Agile Leadership course to address key organisational leadership and operational issues. We acknowledge that business leaders are not only dealing with rapid change but also dealing with increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in driving continuous growth and agility within organisation (a condition for which the US Army coined the acronym VUCA). This includes different areas of the organisation such as Marketing, HR, Operations, Procurement  and others which can benefit from adopting an agile mindset and implementing agile practices.

agile fundamentals

In order to succeed with agile, teams and organizations should focus first on “being agile” as a foundation for success in “doing agile.” Our Agile fundamentals course delve into key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement. Also includes various case studies and learnings from our own real industry engagements.

custom designed trainings and workshops

Our experienced coaches and trainers will work with you to assess your training / coaching requirements and design specially customised courses and workshops for your organisation. Aim is not to provide bookish knowledge but provide practical simulated experiences which your professional staff can apply in their specific roles and help achieving strategic organisational goals.

scaled agile framework

Certified trainings focused on specialised skills and roles for organisations with complex delivery structure with multiple agile delivery teams, complex business portfolios and more.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) helps businesses address the significant challenges of developing and delivering enterprise-class software and systems in the shortest sustainable lead time. SAFe® provides a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices. We are SAFe® partners with extensive hands on SAFe® implementation and coaching experiences.

xscale alliance
A descaled approach to achieve agility within organisations. Teams can’t change faster than their most cautious members, Xscale don’t change existing teams or programs, but join progressive individuals into an uncompromised new capability.

  • De-scaling Patterns short-circuit hierarchy to combine autonomy of teams with alignment to drivers & constraints
  • Breadth-first Product Management aligns design, business and tech leadership to optimize business throughput
  • Business Agility combines throughput accounting, open book management and 3-way DevOps to embrace change
  • Self-Propagating Transformation generates agile organization without compromise or disruption, radically accelerating learning flow
Accredited Courses

Based on our years of industry experience we have designed specialist courses to address various organisational issues at different level. We can further customise these courses to address your specific needs.

  • Agile Fundamentals introducing core Agile concepts in teams within IT and Business
  • Agile Leadership getting leadership onboard on organisation’s agile journey and drive value and business growth
  • Business Agility introducing agility at the organisational level, helping to transformation towards a more responsive, value-driven reality
  • Agile Project Management a servant leadership mindset and approach for successful Lean and Agile project delivery
  • Agile Business Analysis a servant leadership mindset and approach for successful Lean and Agile project delivery

and more in process of creation

scrum master
Scrum Master Certified

Accredited by Scrum Study, this course uplift professionals’ capabilities to become facilitators and servant leaders for their Agile teams  who provide with an environment conducive to completing the project successfully

product owner
scrum product owner certified

Provide leadership capabilities and help business owners and/or other specialists to act as a visionary and drive product delivery while acting in a Product Owner role. They are responsible for ensuring clear communication of product or service functionality requirements to the Scrum Team, defining Acceptance Criteria, and ensuring those criteria are met.

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