Agile Transformation Consultant

A practical mentoring program to help you progress your coaching career to become an Enterprise Agile Coach and Transformation Consultant

In the contemporary business environment, the Agile Transformation Consultant helps to establish organizational capability towards true business agility, which has become not only a driver of competitive advantage, innovation and success, but critical for business survival in the new digitally empowered world. Consulting matters, our advice, good or bad, can affect the future of clients, their companies, their employees, and customers.

Being in the consulting business for over 12 years and helping clients of different size belonging to a variety of industry globally, our experienced consultants have designed a very unique opportunity for the new aspiring and experienced coaches and consultants where you can learn pragmatic and practical approach on how to coach and help organizations to transform towards business agility and solve problems at scale.

This mentoring program is focused on helping you build skills and expertise, and prepare you to take up real-world challenges. Agile Transformation Consultants utilize special skills of coaching, communication and engagement, expert knowledge, and leadership to help clients achieve their growth goals.

The program consists of multiple facilitated workshops, assignments, and include developing end to end solutions during a fully simulated case study. You will walk away with not just skills but also tools and expertise which can be put into practice straight away.

What’s included:

  1. Practical expertise in leadership coaching and helping organizations to transform
  2. Multiple certifications to validate learnings
  3. A practical case study to simulate multiple business problems and how to solve them
  4. Course workbook with established tools and templates
  5. Additional professional reading references (these references are licensed for distribution exclusively for the attendee and worth $$ to help you extend your learnings)
  6. Membership to an ecosystem of experienced professionals for ongoing learning and support
  1. An understanding on how to influence and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams.
  2. Understanding of tools and a roadmap for guiding Agile Transformational Leaders and Coaches with a broad and holistic approach in their organizational environments.
  3. Building change strategies suiting different organisational contexts.
  4. Establish agile domain expetise
  5. Enhance / build your own toolkit to help organization transform
  6. Develop understanding of different models and techniques to help people at differnt levels within organization understand what change means to them.
  7. Learn skills and competencies of an enterprise Agile coach.
  8. Improve your skills and knowledge that will enable you to mentor and coach others
  9. Understand how to influence and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams
    1. Who is an entperpise Agile coach
    2. How to develop evolving Agile transformation strategy
    3. Why transformation fail
    4. Explore, engage and assess the organisational environment
    5. Identifying key forces of change –
    6. Designing operating models
    7. Executive coaching, mentoring, facilitating for leadership development
    8. How to visualize success – linking strategy to execution to measure success
    9. Adaptive enterprise architecture and impact
    10. Design and lead cultural transformation – emotional agility
    11. Leadership engagement
    12. Business Agility
    13. Organizational coaching
    14. Sustainability in health of an agile enterprise
    15. Develop domain expertise
    16. Working with HR
    17. Agile Tranformation Consultant Toolkit

Case Study

    1. Introduction to the XYZ Company
    2. Looking into the mirror – assessment
    3. Defining XYZ journey roadmap – developing strategy, operating model, coaching plan and more
    4. Leading the journey – execution with role play
    5. Measure the journey of XYZ – building governance
    6. And beyond (Agile Kaizen) – sustainability and future growth plan

The following individuals will benefit from this course:

  1. Agile consultants
  2. Agile coaches of differnt levels and expertise
  3. Enterprise Agile Coaches
  4. Senior Leadership
  5. Senior Managers
  6. Tranformation leads or anyone who is leading an organization towards business agility
  7. Experienced scrum master looking to expand their skills into transformation coaching

About Course


Intensive consultant bootcamp – 7 days
Regular – multiple sessions across 5 weeks

What’s included?

  • Multiple certifications
    • Agile Coach Certification
    • Agile Transformation Consultant
    • ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT (Work in process)
  • Course workbook, handouts
  • Electronic reading references
  • Membership to an exclusive Enterprise Agile Consultants community; an ecosystem for support, learning and sharing experiences

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