Project Management Professional (PMP)

This is 4 days PMP certification exam preparation boot camp based on PMOK 6th edition

As a PMP® candidate, you will learn how to conduct a needs assessment of your company. With this information you will develop a system that helps your company achieve its goals. This requires an advanced level of planning and coordination skills. You will learn how to execute your plans while overseeing quality control. Resource acquisition, team management and third-party collaboration are other skills you will pick up in preparing for the PMP exam.


  • Globally recognized and respected certification
  • The PMP® certification recognizes your expertise in Project Management
  • You will be a member of one of the most prestigious professional groups
  • Globally recognized by leading companies

Learn tips for applying practical industry experience that could make your job easier and enhance your reputation as a well-rounded Project Manager.  Towards the end of the course the instructor will review the career path a Project Manager can take to further their career.

About Course

Duration: 4 days

Earn 36 PDUs – for Boot camp course

Earn 8 PDUs – for PMP refresher Fast track course

Key Areas of Competency

  • Initiating the Project
  • Planning the Project
  • Executing the Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • Closing the Project
After attending the class, attendees should be able to:
  1. Learn How to be a PM on a Technical Project
  2. Learn Techniques on how to work with your Technical Team
  3. Understand how to apply practical strategies to align with the Business Requirements
  4. Develop Leadership Skill to Catapult your Project Management Career
  5. Discuss Project Management Pain Points
  6. Develop a standardize project plan for any project
  7. Understand and Develop RAID Log
  8. Discuss Project Management Financials
•       About PMI® and PMP ®exam
•       Exam‐Taking Tips
•       Course Overview
•       Process ChartProject Management Framework
•       What is a project?
•       Project Stakeholders
•       Organizational Structure
•       Product Life Cycle, Project Life Cycle,
•       Project Management Life Cycle
•       Concentrated Review & QuizProject Integration Management
•       Overview of Project Integration
•       Develop Project Charter
•       Develop Project Management Plan
•       Direct and Manage Project Work
•       Manage Project Knowledge
•       Monitor and Control Project Work
•       Perform Integrated Change Control
•       Close Project or Phase
•       Concentrated Review & Quiz

Project Scope Management
•       Overview of Project Scope Management
•       Plan Scope Management
•       Collect Requirements
•       Define Scope
•       Create WBS
•       Validate Scope
•       Control Scope
•       Concentrated Review & Quiz

Project Schedule Management
•       Overview of Project Schedule Management
•       Plan Schedule Management
•       Define Activities
•       Sequence Activities
•       Estimating Activity Durations
•       Develop Schedule
•       Control Schedule
•       Concentrated Review & QuizProject Cost Management
•       Overview of Project Cost Management
•       Plan Cost Management
•       Estimate Costs
•       Determine Budget
•       Control Costs
•       Concentrated Review & QuizProject Quality Management
•       Overview of Project Quality Management
•       Plan Quality Management
•       Manage Quality
•       Control Quality
•       Concentrated Review & Quiz

Project Resource Management
•       Overview of Project Resource Management
•       Plan Resource Management
•       Estimate Activity Resources
•       Acquire Resources
•       Develop Team
•       Manage Team
•       Control Resources
•       Concentrated Review & Quiz

Project Risk Management
•       Overview of Project Risk Management
•       Plan Risk Management
•       Identify Risks
•       Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
•       Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
•       Plan Risk Responses
•       Monitor Risks
•       Concentrated Review & QuizProject Procurement Management
•       Overview of Project Procurement Management
•       Plan Procurement Management
•       Conduct Procurement
•       Control Procurement
•       Concentrated Review & QuizProject Stakeholder Management
•       Overview of Project Stakeholder Management
•       Identify Stakeholders
•       Plan Stakeholder Engagement
•       Manage Stakeholder Engagement
•       Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
•       Concentrated Review & Quiz

The PMP® certification is not domain specific. It is a generic Project Management training certification. The PMP recognizes demonstrated competence in leading and directing project teams. If you’re an experienced project manager looking to solidify your skills, stand out to employers and maximize your earning potential, the PMP credential is the right choice for you.


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