Evidence-based Approach to Transformation

Organisations thriving to stay competitive and deliver value based products and services, are transforming towards agility at the enterprise level. However, transformation isn’t just about technology, it’s about a new way of thinking by developing a safe culture to drive collaboration, innovation and creativity, and alignment towards common value-based goals across the who organisation, not just in one or two departments.

We leverage our vast industry experience, extensive research, and expert knowledge of different agile models to establish a customised approach to solve organisational problems at all levels.

Transformation approach

Understand, explore and materialize

Bringing you the business Agility to steer competitive advantage. We employ a pragmatic strategy to drive the organizational transformation towards agility. Based on years of experienced we have designed flexible processes and models to help you achieve strategic business goals rapidly with minimal disruption.

transformation approach
Agile operating model

Customised agile frameworks

To succeed, organizations have to rethink the enterprise operating model to succeed in the journey towards agility

Many organizations struggle to foster customer value delivery, which causes loss of productivity and alignment. It’s not just their size and traditional delivery approach that holds them back; much of the problem is created by a traditional business operating model that’s been created for scale and standardization, rather than for agility and innovation.
We specialize in creating tailored agile frameworks to address domestic challenges at a different level through a progressive transformation approach based on real-time validated evidence.

Building organizational capabilities

Business Agility

Building the ability for the business to realize and sustain its full potential to renew itself, adapt, and succeed in a rapidly changing and turbulent environment. With our unique ecosystem-based approach, we do help organizations to innovate and deliver more effectively to cater for dynamic customer needs and transform disruptions into a competitive advantage. Our approach for business agility is based on extensive academic and industry research which delivers core capabilities including:

  1. Strategy Agility
  2. Adaptive Enterprise Architecture
  3. Product Innovation
  4. Organizational Adaptability
  5. Effective Agile Leadership

Operational excellence

We will assist in building the organization-wide governance and coordination model. The backbone of a successful agile organization comprises the sustainable and continuously improving components of an agile operating model applied at a different level. This assists an organization to operate more seamlessly to deliver valuable customer-centric outcomes while working with the internal and external partner network within the ecosystem.

  1. Establishing continuous delivery flow for the whole organization
  2. Agile based budgeting and financial governance through adaptable strategies
  3. Support coordination within the partner network
  4. Continuous compliance
  5. Performance measurement and grow

Agile Leadership

For organizations to embrace agile ways of working, their leadership has to change their ways of working. Our specially designed leadership enablement techniques assist leaders to drive and sustain organizational change. An agile leader does:

  1. Organize whole organization around the value
  2. Building adaptable organizational strategy and policies
  3. Support organizational agility competencies
  4. Inspire and motivate others
  5. Establishing a learning organization
  6. Create a culture of relentless improvement
  7. Support innovation
  8. and much more

Sustainability with ongoing coaching and training

We do specialize in designing custom coaching and training plans to drive operational excellence within the organization. As part of the relentless improvement mindset, we help develop an internal capability to coach the agile organization. This allows:

  1. Building learning communities and apply learnings across the enterprise
  2. Measure the performance at all levels within the organization
  3. Reinforce the basics
  4. Progress toward mastery
  5. Anchor new behaviors in the culture

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