Agile Leadership Workshop

Workshop Focused on Practical Approach Towards Agile Leadership

The Agile Leadership workshop is focused on setting foundations for the role that leaders play in not just creating the conditions for a successful agile transformation but also establishing a sustainable environment which improves relentlessly. In this workshop we will discuss real time case studies and challenges faced by leadership while supporting Agile mindset within their organizations.

During this workshop we will establish a foundational practice based toolkit and approach which can be applied to address leadership challenges in your organization.

  1. Learn to utilise different industry practices and toolkits to foster sustainable growth
  2. Establish practical understanding of how agility can help improve your organizational performance
  3. Develop agile leadership competency and maturity, which increases leadership effectiveness in a complex and rapidly changing environment
  4. Learn how agility can help assess and solve organizational challenges
  5. An understanding of how you, as a leader, can support the agile journey within your organization
  6. A practical understanding of how culture and values influence your organization’s ability to reap the benefits of agility
  7. An understanding of how to measure the benefits and impacts of agility in your organization

Agenda of Foundation Workshop

  1. Agile overview
  2. Agile context for leaders on how to Lead the change
  3. Introduction to agile arganization
  4. Intent based leadership
  5. Introduction of leadership toolkit

Agenda for Advanced Workshop

  1. Building your own Agile Leadership toolkit
  2. Building high performance teams
  3. Introduction to agile budgeting
  4. Reporting, governance and measuring performance

The following individuals will benefit from this course:

  1. Managers in Leadership Roles
  2. Directors of Product Management
  3. Business Owners
  4. Head of PMO / PMO Leads
  5. Program Managers / Directors
  6. Transformation Leads
  7. Agile Coaches

About Course

Duration: Foundation Workshop – 1 Day
Advanced Workshop – 1 Day
Combined Workshop – 2 Days
Time: 8:45 am – 5:00 pm (all days)

What’s included?

  • Course workbook, handouts
  • Electronic reading references
  • Certificate of Attendence

Contact Details

Phone:      1300 229 892

All prices include GST

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