This two-day course teaches you how to accelerate top-line business throughput by generating self-directing portfolios of self-managing streams of self-organizing teams that pragmatically inter-operate with traditional PMOs and both distributed and hierarchical business cultures. You’ll learn how to continuously prioritise bottlenecks in value-flow, work-flow, and the flow of learning across your organization, how to optimise the contribution of each value stream to throughput rather than blindly minimising operating expense, and how to coordinate decentralised responsibility for business objectives with authority to solve them and metrics to optimise their solution.

You will gain deep understanding of change strategies that bootstrap self-propagating business-agile capability, and how to grow it by splitting and doubling to pull your organisation into agility rather pushing change onto existing teams and streams, so minimising risks of business disruption, low ROI, and compromised change outcome. You will learn how to cut through portfolio game-theoretics by representing cross-cutting chapters rather than streams, gamifying benefits-realisation, and rewarding participants proportionately to improved throughput to motivate focused collaboration on mutual benefit across teams and streams.

This learning will culminate in a “Game Without Thrones”, a hands-on simulation of an agile organisation with no command and control, no hierarchy, no managers, masters or owners.
But chapter meetings, governance treaties, prioritization councils, Leadership as a Service, and “the wit and wisdom of the Wildlings”.

You will develop an in-depth understanding of all the essential XSCALE principles of Agile Organization including exponential return by stacking growth curves, simple design to the elegance of minimum, continuous optimisation of business throughput, autonomous teams in self-managing streams, triple loop learning and ecosystems-thinking.

About Course

Duration: 2 days

Key Areas of Competency

  • Self-propagating business-agile capability
  • Setting up an agile organisation with no command and control
  • How to optimise the contribution of each value stream to throughput
  • How to continuously identify and resolve bottlenecks in value flow
  • How to coordinate decentralised responsibility for business objectives
  • Change the organisational culture without disruption
  1. To de-scale your organisation to self-managing streams of self-organising team.
  2. To align value streams without big meetings, long loops, and tangled dependencies.
  3. To focus your business on continuously opening bottlenecks to exponential ROI.
  4. To motivate teams and streams through metrics that maximise throughput.
  5. To change your culture without disruption, muddle, compromise or politics.
  1. SAFe PO/PM Introduction
  2. Embracing the Lean-Agile mindset
  3. Exploring Product Owner and Product Manager roles
  4. Contributing to Portfolio content
  5. Defining and managing solution value
  6. Being an effective SAFe Product Owner
  7. Being an effective SAFe Product Manager
  8. Engaging stakeholders
  9. Building your Communities of Practice

The following individuals will benefit from this course:

  1. Executives
  2. Business and Portfolio Owners
  4. HR
  5. Program and Project Managers
  6. Line Managers
  7. Enterprise Architects
  8. Lean/Agile Coaches
  9. Scrum Masters,  and
  10. Entrepreneurs
  11. Lean/Agile Coaches
  12. Product Owners, Product Line Managers, Product Managers, Business Owners, and Business Analysts

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